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Ecuador is tiny by South American standards yet it can claim to be the most diverse and friendly. We can walk in the Amazon rainforest, climb snow-capped volcanoes and trek the high open paramo. It also has beautiful tropical beaches and one of the world's great places - the Galapagos Islands - a place that must be visited!


The Andes! The Incas!
Fabulous mountain scenery and trekking, exhilarating weather, the wonderful architecture of the Incas and always an option to drop off the Andes into the Amazon basin. Add to that the special vibrancy, colour and cacophony of its Andean and colonial culture and a visit to Peru is an experience seldom matched anywhere in the world.

Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash
The Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash, with 40 peaks over 6000m are a remarkable part of the mighty Andes. The scenery and trekking easily rival that of Nepal and the Himalayas, with the added bonus of fewer trekkers and generally a fine and settled weather pattern from May to September.

Cusco and Machu Picchu
Cusco and Machu Picchu need little introduction. To combine a visit to Cusco, with a trek along the 'Inca Trail' (or train ride) to Machu Picchu remains an experience of a lifetime.


As the closest mountain range to La Paz, the Cordillera Real is perfect for trekking, managing to escape to the wild beauty of the Andes without the need for travelling long distances. Surreal acclimatising first by Lake Titicaca and the Isla del Sol.from where we can see the soaring Cordillera Real skyline. The range is majestic and demanding with high passes, clear blue glacier lakes, breathtaking views and sparse scattered Andean settlements.


Chile is a long thin strip of a country stretching for over 4300 kms and barely 180kms at its widest point. It stretches from the Atacama desert with its salt pans, pink flamingos and surreal volcanoes to the fjords, peaks and glaciers of Patagonia and beyond to the wild seas and windswept islands at the very tip of South America. In between these extremes, Central Chile, where most of its 16 million people live, ranges from the Mediterranean scenery of the Central Valley to the picturesque lakes, forests and volcanoes of the Chilean Lake District and Araucania. And always in sight along the breadth of its eastern border, the endless chain of the mighty Andes.


Chile and Argentina share the southernmost part of Latin America - Patagonia. The name itself can conjure up vivid images of desolation, wilderness, endless mountains and screeching wind and storm. It has been called 'el fin del mundo' or 'the uttermost part of the earth.'

It is where the Andes mountain range shows its true beauty with some of the most spectacular mountains on the planet. We can only gasp at the near vertical granite towers of Las Torres del Paine, (Chile) the sheer buttresses of Cerro Fitzroy and the rock spires of Cerro Torre (Los Glaciares N.P. - Argentina).


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