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Trekking in India

India is beautiful, rich and poor, and diverse beyond belief - a total and often overwhelming assault on the senses. Demands on your patience, stamina, humour and adaptability can be considerable but the ease with which we travel and trek through India while staying fit and well, lays low many of the myths and heightens the enjoyment. We believe it is a wonderful country and amid so much noise, heat and activity, the equanimity and dignity of its people contrast powerfully with our sometimes muddled western values.

4 Days
Visit the Taj Mahal and the 'the eternal city' of Varanasi, situated on the banks of the sacred River Ganges.


The Markha Valley narrows to a canyon. Photo Max Holliday
In the Markha Valley. Photo Duncan Wells
Woman and children walking to Nimaling
Heading for the final pass. Photo Maggie Graham
Yak travel
High camp near Danphe Bir. Photo Phil Milner
Goeche La. Photo Phil Milner
Darjeeling. Photo Phil Milne
Group in front of Dzo Jongo. Photo by Duncan Wells
Nimaling Valley by Maggie Graham
Horseman loading up
Dzo Jongo high camp
Markha Valley river crossing



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