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Iceland remains one of the world's most enigmatic countries. There are volcanoes, lava fields, ice caps, geothermal activity and great waterfalls but there is also a familiar landscape of coastal mountains, farms, pasture, and, in summer, a proliferation of birds and flowers. The interior of Iceland however, with its lava and sand deserts, glaciers, ice-caps, and old volcanoes could be part of another planet.

Iceland does almost nudge the Arctic Circle and temperatures can range from 4-24°C. Shorts when it is sunny, but thermal wear and good all-weather gear are necessary too. Our trips are active. If you have good mountain gear, strong boots, a sense of adventure and a wish to experience a spectacular landscape, then you will thrive there. We walk 5-7 hours most days.



Our route. Photo Jan Zelina
Reykjavik rooftops.
Landmannalaugar. Photo Andy Dennis
Steaming hillside. Photo Jan Zelina
Briefing. Photo Jan Zelina
Crossing black sands. Photo Jan Zelina
Stream crossing. Photo Jan Zelina
Laugavegur Trail. Photo Jan Zelina
Mountain Hut dinner. Photo Jan Zelina



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