Greenland: Unplugged Wilderness

Menu Late summer light. Photo Lisa Germany


1.) Greenland: Unplugged Wilderness

In this wild and remote corner of East Greenland we visit an area where the mountains are steep, the icebergs abundant and the local Inuits’ survival is still dependent on fishing and hunting as it was for their forebears. Camping by the shore, we listen to the crash as icebergs melt and re-adjust their weight. Boat support allows us to travel light on most days – only two days involve backpacking, with a walk to a high hut surrounded by steep sided mountains. A high vantage point above the hut (1167m) reveals the magnitude of this vast arctic landscape.

‘Unplugged Wilderness’ provides an opportunity to journey through a remote and beautiful area with boat, allowing us to travel without the demands of heavy backpacks. On the two day’s backpacking to and from the mountain hut we carry sleeping bag, personal gear and a share of the food and cooking gear – no tents.

Join us for this incredible supported journey in the heart of East Greenland!


Arctic tundra. Photo Lisa Germany
Unloading the boat. Photo Lisa Germany
Crossing hard snow. Photo Lisa Germany
Above Karale Glacier. Photo Lisa Germany
Mountain hut. Photo Lisa Germany
In the mountain hut. Photo Lisa Germany
Estuary crossing. Photo Lisa Germany
Rocky underfoot. Photo Lisa Germany
Skirting the coastline. Photo Lisa Germany
Late summer light. Photo Lisa Germany



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