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Greenland: Wild Walks

Greenland: Wild Walks

This trip offers varied and dramatic walking within the wild east coast scenery, including with a mini expedition close to the inland ice. We travel by boat through iceberg laden fjords and reach memorable high points with views of the Polar Stream, the icecap and endless arctic peaks.

We start in the village of Tasiilaq, climbing above the town to look down from our first peak to the coastline and polar stream filled with icebergs drifting from frozen arctic seas.

Our boat arrives and we cross a fjord on the lookout for whales to reach a bay filled with icebergs. Heading inland, our first camp is not far away. Nearby is the inland ice; the vast ice sheet extending as far as Greenland's west coast, and the peak behind our camp provides a spectacular view point.

Now moving camp, we backpack for two days through seldom visited country to reach a remote iceberg filled fjord and food cache. With replenished stocks, we spend two more days, climbing high and exploring by the coast.

Our boat returns and we cross the fjord to reach Ammassalik Island and an old dogsled route which leads across the island to our final camp. From a high point above our camp, magnificent views are revealed towards and beyond the Arctic Circle.

Jos Mahon - artist
Jos travelled to Greenland with High Places in 2007. Click the link above and go to the Greenland pages to see her work.

What did you enjoy most about your trip?

“Friendly and very effective leaders. The boat dodging icebergs. The big icecap vistas. The remote tracklessness. Very good day walks. Crossing the raging river. Northern lights. Loons calling. The arctic fox.”
Peter Jackson, Greenland Wild Walks

“The daily personal challenges and the remoteness of the trip.”
Gail Smith, Greenland Wild Walks

“The overwhelming wildness and stunning scenery, the diversity of the route’s landscapes, the icebergs, the Inuit culture, the excellent leadership, the unusual nature of the trip, my chance to experience the far-Northern regions of the world. ….Many thanks for an amazing and unique holiday. It has been a privilege to be able to enjoy and experience such true wilderness – something that stays with you. I think you offer an amazing trip for the price.”
Francoise Wemelsfelder, Greenland Wild Walks

“Combination of the remoteness of Greenland and a lovely group of people – very much a success!”
Lesley Derby, Greenland Wild Walks



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