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Trekking in Kenya and Tanzania

The major mountain massifs of East Africa are solitary giants. Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya rise steeply as huge snow-capped peaks dominating the low hills and plains of the surrounding savanna. Whether it's the summit of Kilimanjaro at dawn, watching elephants crossing the plains or sitting with Maasai warriors or the semi-nomadic Samburu, round a campfire under an African moon, your experiences here will be rewarding, breathtaking and memorable.

Our treks run during the East African dry seasons, June-September and December-February. This is when the rains are finished, humidity low, temperatures warm, vegetation luxuriant and conditions for walking, travelling and wildlife viewing are at their best.


What our clients say...

"High Places took all of the concerns about planning a complex trip away. All I had to do was turn up and enjoy it."
Richard Arnold

"It was fantastic to have just about everything paid for. Made it so easy and stress free. NO cooking or shopping for three whole weeks bliss. Meant we could just get on and enjoy the moment. It seems a lot of money at the time but made a more holiday feeling when we were there."


Kili summit - we all made it!
Giraffe. Photo Mike Cosgrove
Maasai woman. Photo Maggie Graham
Elephant family. Photo Mike Cosgrove
Hiking with Maasai Mara guides
Approaching Point Lenana
Male elephant. Photo Mike Cosgrove
Trekking with Maasai warrior guides
A game of cards at summit photo Mike Cosgrove
Passing giant groundsel on Kili. Photo Kevin Cruickshank
Relaxing beneath Kilimanjaro. Photo Pam Rowe
Kilimanjaro ridgeline
Celebratory singing in the bus after Kili. Photo Mike Cosgrove
On Point Lenana
Hall Tarn on Mt Kenya
Mt Kenya gorges
Camping under giant groundsel
Above Barranco Wall
High camp with Kili beyond




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